The Music of the Palace

Last week I had a delightful day at the Hampton Court Palace, one of London’s top choices for a one-day getaway.

The majestic building and its surroundings appeal to every taste: there are plenty of roses to smell, a funny maze to discover, intriguing never-ending galleries of important history to appreciate, and astonishing gardens to gaze at.×324/2246-hampton_court_palace_maze.jpg

However, what really intrigued me the most during the day was (of course!) the music! There were shows around the palace with examples of Tudor dances, as in the time of famous King Henry VIII, who lived in the palace:

I learnt in the indoor exhibitions that King Henry VIII was in fact a composer and that some of his repertoire is still known and performed today. Listening to his compositions brings to life all the things that I’ve seen in the palace, and really makes me imagine what it was like to live in that time.

As we moved to the more recent parts of the building, the music changed from Renaissance to Baroque, and we got to hear some examples of marvellous Händel artistry.

As I am aware of the different music periods in history, it was absolutely exciting to move around the different parts of the building (which was rebuilt several times by its different royal owners) with the respective music style.

I definitely recommend a day off at Hampton Court Palace, a dream for the eyes and ears of anyone. A cultural gem and a breath of fresh air!


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