Top 5 Reasons to Choose Trinity Laban

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance. That is the place where I am spending three years of my life and, as an International Study Ambassador, I feel I should share the top five arguments that make this school one of the best places in the world to grow as a performing artist.

London extravaganza!


Obviously, a primary reason to choose to study at Trinity Laban is definitely its location. London is really the capital of Europe when it comes to opportunities for cultural development and creative experimentation. An infinite row of platforms where you can experiment, collaborate, train and develop your skills as a performing artist. After the enough freelance experience and exposure, the amount of work offers will shock you in a very positive way. Indeed, the great majority of TL students work and study at the same time, and as TL students, we know how to handle it!

Laban building


Yes, conservatoire training can get pretty intense – some days you won’t get enough sleep and enough meals. Some days you won’t want to leave the building. The type of training Trinity Laban offers is the one that really prepares you for the real world, giving you all the necessary tools to survive as an artist in the real business, and feeding your dedication and motivation levels not to give up when a challenge comes! By the way, you can also choose not to face an intense training, as the programmes at TL are so flexible and optional!

CoLab – Creativity without limits


Collaboration is the most often used word inside TL. In a very unusual habitat comprising Musical Theatre, Music and Dance students, it is really exciting to see the amount and quality of cross-disciplinary projects that come out on a regular basis. We even have the CoLab season when, for two weeks, everybody stops lessons and takes part in collaborative projects in challenging out-of-comfort-zone areas, for the sake of experimentation and learning-through-process.

Trinity building in Greenwich


They say Greenwich is not London anymore. Well, it is indeed still Zone 2(!!!) and it is amazingly located by the Thames river and with huge residential areas nearby (Deptford, Lewisham, Charlton, Blackheath), being perfect for an exciting lifestyle for students. The centre is reachable through DLR, Train, Bus, and even Boats!! What else can you ask for?

Trained to fear nothing!


It is inevitable to compare Trinity Laban with the other three major music colleges from London – Royal Academy, Royal College and Guildhall. At the moment, TL ranks #4 in the common sense, but goes much higher than that in all the official rankings – Almost 99% of our first degree leavers in 2012-13 were in employment or further study six months after graduation – the second highest figure across the entire UK higher education sector.

Trinity Laban may not be the first option at the moment, as it is looking well beyond the present and is preparing to be the future’s incontestable number one! It doesn’t have the “Royal” tab attached to its name, so it doesn’t attract elites, nor it is located in the City of London to get all those posh sponsorships. But what it is and where it is will serve a huge community of friendly and dedicated performers who are ready for life and will be the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

Coming to study at Trinity Laban was the best thing that happened to me in professional terms. Such a vibrant city and an exciting school environment led me to take on unbelievable opportunities and challenge myself at never-before-seen levels. These three years are shaping me as an artist and will have the hugest impact on my career development.


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